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Prominent & Leading Wholesaler from China, We offer Wall / Tripod Mounted Thermometers, Infrared (IR) Thermometers, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Automatic Sanitizer Dispensers, and Automatic Soap Dispenser.

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  • k9 pro stand
  • K3 Pro Thermistor
    Digital Medical Device

    K3 Pro Tripod/wall-mounted Infrared Thermometer

  • k9 stand
  • k2 infrared thermometer
    Digital Medical Device

    K2 Tripod/wall-mounted Infrared Thermometer

  • k3
    Digital Medical Device

    K3 Tripod/wall-mounted Infrared Thermometer

  • Rehabor Foot Vibrating Massager
    Electric Health Care Tools

    Vibrating Foot Massager

  • Rehabor Deep Tissue Massage Gun
    Electric Health Care Tools

    Deep Tissue Massage Gun

  • Rehabor 3M VFlex Particulate Respirator 9105
    Medical Consumables

    3M 9105 VFlex Particulate Respirator

  • Rehabor First Aid Kit
    Medical Consumables

    First Aid Kit

  • Rehabor Blood Pressure Monitor
    Digital Medical Device

    Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Rehabor Blood Pressure Finger Monitor Fingertip Pulse OxiMeter
    Digital Medical Device

    Blood Pressure Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  • Medical Protective Facesheild
    Medical Consumables

    Medical Protective Facesheild

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