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Rehabor provides a large variety of thermometers & sanitizer dispensers, such as k3 series wall / tripod mounted IR thermometers, KF150 thermal imaging thermometers, K9 series 2-in-1 sanitizer dispensers and so on.

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Established in 2009, Shenzhen Ruihai Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd is the source supplier for thermometers and sanitizer dispensers, our factory specializes in wall / tripod mounted infrared thermometers, thermal camera thermometers, and sanitizer dispensers. We have a production capacity of 150,000 pcs thermometers with CE, Rohs, FCC and FDA certificates every month, and new items are pushed every month from the OEM/ODM Department.

Rehabor Products

Instruments for the fast, non-contact measurement of the surface temperature. Easy temperature measurement, even with dynamic processes or in locations that are difficult to access. Reliable temperature measurement with cost-effective technology.

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser with Thermometer

Rehabor touch-less automatic spray alcohol hand sanitizer dispenser with infrared thermometer, can quickly and effectively remove germs on hand prevent the spread and reproduction of germs.

Remote Sensing Thermometer

  Tripod & wall mounted thermometer, no more hand-held, touch-free, accurate measurement. Perfect for offices, supermarkets, stores, mall entrances and places of worship. accurate and fast, has ALARM function. °C and °F switch, works for tripod mount and wall mount. Walk by and the temperature will be read out automatically.

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Excellent, we ordered 3000 pcs K9 pro, sold out in 1 month. People need it, what we were doing is to bring what people need to against the virus.
Maria Eve
United States
Fouth time to place the order, good quality, good products. we will keep good cooperation going on all the time with Rehabor.
Liam Bower
Accurate and remote measurements, perfect for train station entrances. I ordered and got 500pcs KF150 for my country.
South Africa

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